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Tokyo's playground

Playgrounds around the world

In his book Playground, the photographer James Mollison focuses on the uniqueness of playgrounds around the world. He captured the kids while they played during school breaks. Mollison went to 13 countries including Bhutan, Israel, India, Argentina, and the USA.

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Changes in Indoor Playgrounds

The birth of soft modular play, or contained play as referred to by some, started with supplies to Quick Service Restaurants and soon grew to Children Entertainment Centers and Family Entertainment Centers to have safer places for children to play.

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New entertainment concepts: how to attract teenagers and adults

New concepts in entertainment do not only involve children or only teens, but are designed to allow for strong transversal users involving adults too.
Specifically, the entertainment industry has developed in the last few years not only with multifunctional play areas that capture the eye of older kids but also with challenges that allow clients of all ages to have unique experiences that are challenging and fun.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Trampoline Parks

They’re fun. They’re bouncy. They help kids – and adults – channel their inner Tigger.

Remember how much fun it was to jump on a trampoline as a kid? Going higher and higher with each hop? Or that giddy feeling midair just before you got caught bouncing on your bed? That is precisely the emotion that trampoline parks re-create. It’s the freedom of flying through the air, without having to worry about dodging tree branches or landing on bedroom furniture.

Trampoline parks are gaining popularity as families search for new and different ways to spend precious time together. 

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Trampoline Parks: an ideal opportunity for fun…and profit

Have you ever heard of Trampoline Parks? This new development in entertainment is nothing less than the prefect mix of innovative technology, strategic design and insight in how to have fun.
Trampoline Parks represent fitness and fun where all ages can enjoy high adrenaline fun. It is therefore not surprising that this type of structure attracts not only families with kids but also those who have passion for parkour and wall running.

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