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New entertainment concepts: how to attract teenagers and adults

New concepts in entertainment do not only involve children or only teens, but are designed to allow for strong transversal users involving adults too.
Specifically, the entertainment industry has developed in the last few years not only with multifunctional play areas that capture the eye of older kids but also with challenges that allow clients of all ages to have unique experiences that are challenging and fun.

The new trampoline parks are an example of high adrenaline fun for kids, but also for lovers of adventure and acrobatics of older ages. With less free time it is not surprising that people are attracted to activities that allow them to decompress and escape from their stressful daily lives.

Galaxy Ninja, a sophisticate and innovative obstacle course is another perfect example of an activity that can supplement your play area and attract new customers. It can be adapted to the space available in order to maximize the game to unlimited levels of fun. So ask us how to let Ninja Warrior meets Wipeout in your FEC, shopping center, bowling center, or resort.

Air Trek is another adventure activity, one of the most successful products we sell. It too was created to attract families and kids of all ages to go on an adventure trail together. The experience is challenging, fun and designed to enhance concentration and physical durability. Users wear a helmet and harness, creating an atmosphere of fun and fear. There are various levels of difficulty and this activity is also custom designed to your location.

These new activities will guarantee increased traffic, staying power and value to your location or as standalone events, with profits that will show you the difference.

In order to understand all the advantages Play Mart can give you with these and other add on activities contact us, the most trusted brand in Europe for family entertainment centers and high quality indoor playgrounds.