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Tokyo's playground

Playgrounds around the world

In his book Playground, the photographer James Mollison focuses on the uniqueness of playgrounds around the world. He captured the kids while they played during school breaks. Mollison went to 13 countries including Bhutan, Israel, India, Argentina, and the USA.

Japan, Tokyo:

Land in Japan is very expensive and that is the main reason for building the playgrounds on the school's roof. Kids are allowed to play only with softballs in case the ball falls from the roof and hits somebody on the ground. The playground’s roof plays music when it’s closing. The children are cleaning the school every 2 days.


Tel Aviv:

This high school is connected with Israeli Air Force. Almost all of the students have military education for computer engineers, electronic specialists, and mechanics. The tables are for playing chess and tennis.

Thimphu, Bhutan:

The school is at an ancient monastery in the capital of Bhutan. 



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